Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to create an account to purchase?
No, you may use the full tailored system to find your perfect fit. With your measurement profile however, it is much easier to compare and see which items fit you best.

How do I measure myself to get the best results?
Please visit out proper sizing page to get started. You also may have better results if you use a partner to measure.

How do I edit my sizes?
Go to your account page and select edit my account. From here you may update your sizes.

How do the filters work in the product selection?
If you are logged in, the product page will automatically show you a "perfect fit" with a green check mark and a "good" fit with a yellow check mark. A good fit matches in three out of the four sizing criteria and a perfect fit matches all four.

What selection of clothing will you be offering in the future?
As we grow there is a vision to bring dress, casual, and active clothing to the store. Every product will be able to be matched to your exact sizing based on manufacturing sizing charts.

International shipping?
Please contact us with any requests for international shipping.

If you still have a question, you may visit our contact page to get in touch with us.



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